Pocket Audio is the one stop shop for all of your audio production needs.  From mixing and mastering to in home tutoring, we have you covered.  All of our services can also be provided remotely.  We go the extra mile with every project we take on, no matter how small.  We pride ourselves on client satisfaction.  So make yourself at home and let us know how we can help get your music to the next level.



STARTING at $179.99 PER song

Have a song recorded? Are you missing that much needed polish?  We can help you get the PRO SOUND you've been looking for.

session work

starting at $129.99 per song

Need drums? Bass?  Lead guitar?  Accordion?  Whatever backup instrument it is you need, one of our talented multi-instrumentalist session musicians can help!


STARTING at $229.99

Pocket Audio offers you the option to have all of the equipment needed to record your music in radio-ready quality delivered to your home.  A qualified producer will be ready to assist you with everything from acoustically treating and optimizing your room for crystal clear takes to engineering your recording session in real time via remote connection and video chat.  All at the click of a button!  Already have access to a studio but are struggling to get started?  No problem!  Our Plug And Play USB Flash Drive is just what you need.  We're on a mission to prove that you don't need an expensive studio to record industry standard music.


starting at $30 per hour

If there are certain areas of recording that you are interested in increasing your knowledge and skills in, we are available to hire as tutors.  If you are an artist, this could be done by using your song as a vehicle to teach you about the recording process.  From optimizing your home studio space with acoustic treatment to proper microphone placement and gain staging.  We also offer REAPER recording software instruction to quickly bring you up to speed with mixing and mastering using this industry leading software.


Stephan vien

Steph is a creative, passionate and dedicated audio producer with extensive experience in mixing, mastering and editing.  He's also a seasoned multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with over over 50 original songs in his repertoire.  He has also collaborated with many musicians over the years including members of City And Color, The Matthew Good Band and The New Pornographers.