Whether you already have all of your own recording gear or are looking to set up a home studio from scratch, we have a remote production option for you.  Our PLUG AND PLAY USB FLASH DRIVE is the perfect solution for those who have all of the equipment but are having trouble getting started.  If you're starting from scratch, the ALL-IN-ONE HOME STUDIO BUNDLE provides all of the equipment you need for professional quality recordings delivered right to your home.  Both options include remote studio time to put towards recording, mixing/mastering or back up instrumentation and allow you to invite a qualified audio producer to your production sessions via remote desktop connection and video chat.  You tell us when you're ready to record your take and we'll push the button.  IT'S LIKE WE'RE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!  We take care of everything so all you have to worry about is recording the best possible performance, all in the comfort of your home.