Take home recording to the next level with remote assistance from a Pocket Audio producer 

"The world of high-quality home recording of your own music is open to almost anyone today. For a relatively small amount of money, you can achieve results that would only have been possible in a professional recording studio thirty years ago. However, the process of recording your own music at home, while not difficult, can be quite involved and there are a lot of steps and a lot of information to get your head around."


You don't need expensive equipment for professional recordings 

"When you think about how famous artists make songs, you might imagine that it all happens in a big, professional studio — one with a fancy mixing board, perhaps with a soundproofed vocal booth attached — and you aren’t wrong. Most music has been recorded this way, and there are still plenty of studios like this, but they’re not as necessary as they used to be. With how quickly technology has advanced, we’re now at the point where many of the tools needed to build a song can fit in the palm of your hand — literally"